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Auto Glass Services

Auto Glass Services

At Reyes Auto Glass we offer complete glass services such as rear windshield replacement, sunroof repair, mirror replacement and repair, and RV/motor home services. It is of uttermost importance that your auto glass work is done by trained professionals so that your safety is not in jeopardy whenever you’re on a collision or rollover. Our skilled professionals will make sure that you feel safe and comfortable in your car, truck, or van all the time.

If your rear windshield has experienced some damage, Reyes Auto Glass can get you back on the road in no time. Our experts will inspect the damage carefully and remove the damaged glass. We will then insert a brand new rear windshield and ensure that we vacuum any glass or debris from your car. We will ensure that your brand new glass is the same shape, size, and contour of the original rear windshield.

At Reyes Auto Glass we are also equipped and trained to repair your car’s sunroof. Over time, your sunroof might leak water or stop working altogether. When this happens, you can count on our team to properly repair it. Whether your sunroof is not working because of dirt, a broken motor, or the switch button is stuck, we count with quality tools that will get your sunroof working in no time. Our team will look over the water trough, wiring, and other components. For mirror replacement and repair, and RV/motor home services, you can also count on our team to deliver quality solutions for your specific needs.

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